Constitution / Legal Advice Sub Committee

The role of this Sub committee is to monitor the Constitution.
Constitution being a “Written document that establishes rules and principles that govern NZICA”

Our aim:

  1. Minimise changes to the constitution.
  2. Create bylaws – conventions.
  3. Abide by standing orders

Tools – Educate members by circulating educational material and having workshops.

A review of the constitution will take place this term.

General administrative questions
Freephone: 0508 762 438 between 8.30am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday or alternatively visit should you require any further information.

Amrit Vasan
194 Karori Road.


H: (04) 476 6759

Mob: 021 940 941

Jagdish Natali

2 McFadden Drive

Blockhouse Bay

H: 09

Maganbhai Ranchhod

97 Barber Road.

Hm: 09 236

Ashokbhai Darji

106 Patteson Ave,

Mission Bay

H: (09) 528 1302

Mob: 027 273 2342

Hasmukhbhai Chhagan60 Hodgkins Street

H: (07) 348 1160harry.chhagan@rdc.govt.nzBAY OF



Attached is comprehensive material to assist in the better governance of nzica and branches.

  1. Community Resourses:  Click here to download zip file
  2. Governance Toolkit: Click here to download zip file
  3. Usefull websites:

      – Charities Commission

      – Not for Profit (non-profit) organisations and charities in New Zealand

      – The Office of Ethnic Affairs

NZICA Manual 2011
NZICA Constitution Sub-Committee update ltr 4 May 11
Constitution Sub-Committee Accountability & Transparency


 Fact Sheets  Templates
1a. Are you ready for a volunteers 1. A Guide for the Chairperson
1b. Funding Applications – Lets Get Started 2. A Guide for the Secretary
1c. Legal Issues for Committees 3. A Guide for the Treasurer
1d. Legal structures 4. Meeting Agenda
2a. Constitution 5. Minutes of Meetings (Version 1)
2b. Funding Portfolio 6. Minutes of Meetings (Version 2)
2c. The Role of the Chairperson 7. Meeting Procedure
2d. Volunteers Management 8. Formal Meeting Procedure
3a. IRD Requirement 9. Notice of AGM
3b. Planning & Budgeting for Fundraising 10. Agenda for AGM
3c. Recruiting retaing & rewarding 11. Format of AGM
3d. Role of Secretary 12. Minutes of AGM
4a. Legal and Policy Issues & Volunteers 13. A Board Evaluation
4b. Ministry of Economic Development
4c. Role of the Treasurer
4d. The Image of Your Organisation
5a. Developing a Successful Marketing Plan
5b. Importance of policies
5c. Relationship of Volunteers & paid staff
5d. Volunteer Management
6a. Donor Development
6b. Employment Agreements
6c. Volunteer Contracts
6d. Volunteers – Contracts and Insurance
7a. Employment Agreements
7b. Orientation and Training
7c. Preparing for your AGM
7d. Sponsorship
8a. Checklist for a healthy volunteer programme
8b. Developing a Business Plan
8c. Event Management
8d. Policy on Sexual & Racial harassment
9a. Appraising & Evaluating your Volunteers
9b. Evaluation, Accountability & Acknowledgement
9c. Health & Safety in Employment Act 2002
9d. Planning & Evaluating Projects
10a. Legal Considerations
10b. Privacy Act & Human Right Act
10c. Programme Evaluation
10d. Public Relations & Marketing

Please contact our Chairperson, Amrit Vassan should you require any further information.