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 The executive Committee Meeting of the New Zealand Indian Central Association (NZICA Inc.)
Date: Saturday, 18 February 2017
Venue: halswell library complex, Christchurch
Time: 12 noon


Press Releases

  1. PRESS RELEASE: Sunday, 15 June 2008New Zealand Indian Central Association met at a special session at Mahatma Gandhi Centre, Auckland on 14th June 2008 to take stock of the situation created by uninterrupted sequence of violence particularly in South Auckland area. In addition to the hundred odd leaders of various communities from different parts of New Zealand, the meeting was also attended by various political parties and local government representatives. The highlights of the deliberations were:

    What Community lead by NZICA President, Ratilal Champaneri asked for:

    1. Is it time for outsourcing prison services as prisons in New Zealand with their VIP facilities do not deter criminals and also this can reduce costs as the numbers are on the increase.
    2. Armed police patrolling the streets is the immediate need of the hour.
    3. New Zealanders need security and not tax cuts.
    4. Justice system needs to be empowered to deliver harsher punishments.
    5. Police numbers need to be multiplied. To overcome the shortage of applicants; special work permits for police jobs need to be immediately issued.
    6. This is a national Issue and not an Indian community issue and the whole nation needs to make ‘security’ as agenda number one. Parliament should show urgency at the first opportune time.
    7. Compulsory schooling up to high school level (Form 7) and parents should be answerable for children loitering in streets during school hours.
    8. High risk businesses need to be set up as a separate group with call centre (111) to avoid response delays.

    Labour party representatives replied:

    1. Su’a William Sio, Member Parliament said Samoan community feel ashamed to know that the some culprits were from their community. He requested for an intercommunity dialogue on such issues.
    2. David Cunliff, Minister of Health, promised of taking NZICA view points back to the government for immediate response. He agreed that it was a Kiwi problem and not a single community issue and immediate response will definitely be provided.

    National party representatives replied:

    1. Chester Borrow, Member Parliament highlighted that they will support government in taking some immediate steps to install public confidence.
    2. Pansy Wong, Member Parliament informed the audience that the issue will be taken up in the parliament at the next session.
    3. Kanwaljeet Singh Bakshi, contestant for next parliament election supported NZICA, in making this as the agenda number one for the whole nation.

    United Future party President, Denise Krum said that her party believes in immediate action and would work for immediate resolution of the crisis.

    Manukau City Councillor, Daniel Newman said that police in Manukau is under resourced. He also said that community in South Auckland need extra ordinary response from the government to install confidence.

    Issued to press by Veer Khar General Secretary NZICA

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DOMESTIC VOILENCE ASSISTANCE CONTACTS Following are the numbers for women to ring who are involved in a domestic violence relationship or for Indian Women abandoned by their husbands after arriving in New Zealand to get further advice.

NZ Women’s Refuge
0800 733 843.

Shine, Domestic Abuse Helpline
0508 744 633.

Shakti, Asian Women Helpline
0800 742 584.